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pilot of the Patrouille de France


On the occasion of the July 14 parade, Captain Youness Amara, pilot of the Patrouille de France, answers questions from the children of franceinfo junior.


Reading time : 5 min.

Friday, July 14, in the sky of Paris, the nine planes of the Patrouille de France will parade with the famous tricolor smoke in their wake. On the eve of this parade, franceinfo junior is interested in the Patrouille de France which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

>> July 14: the fireworks in Paris “finalized two hours before the show, it’s a bit like 24 Hours Chrono”, according to its scenographer

To talk about it, the show hands its microphone to Captain Youness Amara, pilot of the Patrouille de France who will fly over the Champs-Elysées tomorrow during the 14-July parade. He answers questions from CM2 students at the Louise Michel school in Vigneux-sur-Seine in the Paris region.

To open the show, Raphaël asks the guest: “How do you prepare before doing acrobatics in the sky?”. Adam wonders if during the loops in the air, the pilot has “already vomited” or had “dizzy”. Fosseyni and Kenny want to know how the pilot “made to get the smoke out of the plane” and whether the pilot’s plane has weapons. Finally, “Have you ever broken the sound barrier?” finally asks Clement.

On this page, re-listen in full to this franceinfo junior program on the Patrouille de France.



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