Philippe de Villiers says Didier Raoult advised him to drink pastis against Covid – RT in French

To treat the coronavirus, the founder of Puy du Fou assured that the scientist had recommended him to drink pastis diluted “in water […] as it is taken in Marseille ”. “Maybe it’s anise,” he said to explain his healing.

Philippe de Villiers unveiled on May 18 on the CNews set an astonishing method that Professor Didier Raoult would have recommended to him to treat his Covid-19 infection: drinking pastis.

Assuring to be “serious”, the former MEP detailed his conversation with the director of the IHU Mediterranean in Marseille: “I told him:” I have the Covid, what do we do? ” He immediately gave me the treatment. ” “You spoke with Didier Raoult by phone and he told you to take pastis?” Asked the presenter Pascal Praud, surprised and amused.

Philippe de Villers then developed the method, namely to drink the pastis “in the water. […] as it is taken in Marseille ”. Faced with sarcastic questions from Pascal Praud, the founder of Puy du Fou, who did not seem to be joking, added that “at least two doses” were needed. “The first night, I had a balloon drink. The second evening, a drink at Ricard. There, it was much better. After three days, I was healed, ”he said. “Maybe it’s anise,” he added.

In passing, Philippe de Villiers slipped a word about Didier Raoult: “I pay tribute to him because I love him a lot. He was less mistaken than the others. He is a remarkable man, it is a chance for France. ”

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