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Pfizer vaccine to experience delivery delays in eight European countries – RT in english

The Pfizer plant in Puurs in Belgium experienced “a minor logistical problem” which will cause a delay in the delivery of vaccines against Covid-19 in no less than eight European countries.

Deliveries of Covid-19 vaccines to eight European countries, including Spain, will suffer a slight delay due to a logistical problem at the Pfizer plant in Belgium, the Spanish Ministry of Health announced on December 28, 2020. the day after the launch of the vaccination campaign in the European Union.

“Pfizer Spain indicates that it was informed last night by its plant in Puurs [en Belgique] the delay of shipments to eight European countries, including Spain, due to a problem in the loading and shipping process, ”the ministry said in a statement, without specifying which are the other seven affected countries.

According to this press release, the pharmaceutical group assured the ministry that “the situation [était] already settled ”, but that“ the next vaccine delivery [aurait] a few hours late and [arriverait] in Spain on Tuesday 29 December for the continuation of the vaccination campaign throughout the national territory ”.

“A minor logistical problem”

Pfizer spokesman Andrew Widger said “a minor logistical problem” had forced the group to “reschedule a limited number of [ses] deliveries ”. “This logistical problem has been resolved and these deliveries are being dispatched. There are no manufacturing problems to report, ”added the director of media relations in a statement to AFP, without giving further details.

Asked about this setback, the Spanish Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, explained on the morning of December 28 on Cadena Ser radio that it was a problem “related to temperature control” and that it was “Apparently settled”.

Spain should normally receive on December 28 350,000 doses of the vaccine manufactured by the laboratories Pfizer and BioNTech. In the next three months, Spain plans to receive around 350,000 doses each week. Most of the EU countries started this weekend to vaccinate their populations against Covid-19, by injecting the elderly, caregivers or politicians with the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, a few days later the green light from the EU.