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Peter Wright won his second title in 2021 in last week’s Super Series final

Peter Wright reveled in his role as the ultimate dart builder. The Scotsman has fulfilled his dream of a world championship, won several major titles and is currently ranked second in the world, but he concedes he is short of gear in his quest for perfection.

Over the past decade, Snakebite has become synonymous with his Mohican haircut and extravagant outfit, but his penchant for changing darts is part of the Peter Wright package as well.

The Scotsman – renowned for changing his arrows mid-game – won his second 2021 Pro Tour title in last week’s Super Series, but he told the Darts Show Podcast that he is considering a radical change of approach.

“I came back and got rid of all my darts except the set I used, and I just have to try to stick with it until at least after Blackpool. That’s my goal but it is. is very difficult. I’m already changing the flights and rods, “Wright joked.

The 51-year-old continued to tinker around in the Super Series but, after early outings on each of the first two days, Wright avenged a quarter-final loss to Rob Cross by beating ‘Voltage’ 6-1 en route to the title the next day.

“The first two days I was trying different darts, different throwing styles and different point lengths on the world championship darts, but obviously it didn’t work,” he admitted.

The Scotsman is set to be the No.2 seed in next month's World Matchplay

The Scotsman is set to be the No.2 seed in next month’s World Matchplay

“I actually changed three times on the third day. I know it was 6-5 against Rob Cross but it was only the flight that made the difference as it was a bit too wide, and the dart turned a lot to the right when I played it.

“He played well the day before. I think he played about his best and I wasn’t even at the tip of the iceberg of my game so I knew if I met him the next day, I would win pretty easily. “

This is a testament to Wright’s extraordinary natural ability that he has enjoyed the success he has while continuing to cut and change, although with next month’s World Matchplay his priority, with continuity being his primary focus.

“I’m trying to work on my pitch right now so it’s consistent all the time,” Wright continued.

“It’s very difficult to play with Diamond darts, which I love to play with and hate to play with, because I just went through a stage where I hate picking them up.

Peter Wright’s seasonal average of 97.43 is the fourth best on the PDC Tour, surpassed only by Jose De Sousa (99.35), Jonny Clayton (98.66) and Gerwyn Price (98.54).

“What I normally do when I’m fed up with them and start hitting 12s going for 20s, I’m going to go get another dartboard – completely different, throwing a different style too, just for the sake of it. get out of my head to keep all the negatives away and keep the positive. “

Both Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld have regularly refreshed their gear in an effort to evolve and improve, but Snakebite wins the Tungsten Handyman Crown.

“There isn’t much left that I haven’t tried! he joked. “There are certain darts that I want to use. I have tried using them in ground tournaments and they don’t work.

“I tried to use some of them on TV and it’s boring because they work in the training room and then they don’t get transferred to the stage. It’s getting them into the games when that is. is all about the money and the leaderboards, so it’s important when you’re under that pressure. “

“It didn’t hurt too much. I’m number 2 in the world and I’m only £ 280,000 from first place.”

Peter Wright admits he's running out of darts in his quest for perfection | Darts News

“Michael [van Gerwen] I got away with that, because I fucked up twice, but I know I have it in my pocket so that’s okay. “

Snakebite’s Fight Speech …

Wright was riding the crest of a wave in early 2020. He continued his world title triumph by lifting the Masters crown a month later, although the coronavirus pandemic reduced his chances of benefiting from the champion’s treatment. of the world.

The colorful Scotsman added the European Championship title to his record last October, but he has failed to make it past the semi-finals in six televised events since then.

“It’s horrible to play behind closed doors, but luckily the sport continues. I wasn’t nervous to go there, there weren’t any butterflies.

“You want to go out and impress people. Yes, you have millions of viewers watching you, but you forget that. You feel like you’re playing in your own room. It was outdated from my perspective.

“Big cash prizes were up for grabs and I just couldn’t figure it out. Other players handled it well and I didn’t, but when the fans came back I beat the players who were in the game. [Premier League] the four first.”

Wright was undefeated in his two Premier League encounters against future champion Jonny Clayton

Air sports 0:31
Wright was undefeated in his two Premier League encounters against eventual champion Jonny Clayton

Wright was undefeated in his two Premier League encounters against future champion Jonny Clayton

Snakebite’s Premier League record is disappointing for a player of his caliber. He has only made the playoffs twice in eight appearances, but concerns about his wife Jo’s health also played a role in his seventh place finish.

However, the colorful Scotsman was bolstered by his strong end to the campaign which coincided with the return of fans, and he was generally optimistic when discussing his aspirations for the rest of 2021.

“Jonny [Clayton] who won it – he drew with me and then I beat him. I drew with José [De Sousa] and Michel [van Gerwen] I got away with that, because I screwed up double the hell, but I know I’ve got it in my pocket so that’s okay.

“I was playing trash back then and have been going so fast since. Two years ago when I went to Matchplay I had 21 averages out of 100 trotting so I will be looking to do the same kind. of thing approaching Matchplay.

“I’m going to win the Worlds and Matchplay this year, so double it. Put a pound in it, or 50p!”

The darts are back on your Air sports screens in July, with nine days of coverage of the iconic Winter Gardens and World Matchplay – the action begins Saturday, July 17.

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