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Perseverance, the rover that wants to unravel the mysteries of Mars

It’s a robot that lives up to its name: Perseverance. Starting from planet Earth barely six and a half months ago, the NASA rover will reach the planet Mars on February 18. A journey of 471 million kilometers for an ambitious mission: to find traces of old or more recent life. Technologies on board the mission, landing challenges, lessons for Earth applications: we tell you all about this first space exploit of 2021!

This is called a risky landing. The Perseverance robot and its Ingenuity helicopter will enter the atmosphere of Mars to land gently on their operating site. Seven minutes shows in hand, but as much terror for all the teams of the mission who hold their breath. Report on this Martian thriller.

A mission worth more than 2.5 billion euros, but which can bring big benefits for several sectors and earth industries. Guillaume Grallet from Le Point magazine explains how the future of surgery, that of autonomous cars, wind turbines, or even beer – in moderation – is playing out on the red planet.

Living on Mars: Space research institutes and “new space” start-ups have been working on the issue for several years. A few months ago, we presented the Interstellar Lab project to you. Bio-regenerative habitats to face the living conditions on the red planet. 2020 has reshuffled the cards and allowed its founder, Barbara Belivisi, to make her “bio-pods” available for the preservation of Earth’s ecosystems. Stations that we can visit in Paris from the third quarter of 2021. She is our guest.

Transform the lives of the visually impaired. This is the mission of the new models of augmented glasses. We are interested in the latest version of the Canadian E-sight and the Israeli ORCam. Demonstration in our Test24 sequence.