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SOME people take this as a compliment when told they look younger than they actually are.

But if you’re 21 and constantly accused of being 12, it can’t be all that fun.


Bethany revealed people still think she’s a flat-chested 12-year-oldCredit: Tiktok / @ bethanylouwho2

TikTok user Bethany Jade, 21, revealed that people still think she looks younger than she is.

But that’s not all…

The 21-year-old also revealed that not only do people think she looks young, but they also think she has a flat chest.

But in fact, Bethany manages to hide her big bust with baggy sweaters.

Bethany revealed that she was actually wearing a size 28G bra but could hide them well with clothes.

Bethany checked her TikTok account ‘bethanylouwho2’ and revealed that many people regularly ask her what bra size she is.

She uploaded a video with the caption “for those who ask me what my bra size is”.

Bethany said: “People think of me as a 12 year old girl.

“Actually being a 21-year-old 28G.”

In the video, we see Bethany wearing a loose sweater and her 28G breasts are definitely not visible.

The video has since gone viral and has racked up 26.9 million views.

The video has 2.9 million likes, 10.8,000 comments and 8,726 shares.


Bethany was later accused of “lying” by some TikTok viewers who couldn’t believe she had such big breasts.

She then responded with a video showing her natural breasts in a high cleavage.

Bethany said that “thousands of people don’t believe my body is natural”.

Many TikTok users were shocked that Bethany was actually 21 and shared it in the comments.

People think I’m 12 with a flat chest, but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G


Bethany then responded to the reviews, showing off her big boobsCredit: Tiktok / @ bethanylouwho2
People think I’m 12 with a flat chest, but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G


Bethany revealed that her breasts are natural and that she has not had any operationsCredit: Tiktok / @ bethanylouwho2

One user commented: “You look so young. “

Another added: “You look very young. I would have said 14-15.

A third said, “You look 13 years old. ”

However, one person commented, “Nobody thinks you’re twelve,” to which Bethany replied, “Weird because every time I go out during the day people ask me why I’m not in school. and everyone thinks I’m too young to buy a lighter (18) and alcohol (21) ”.

Many TikTok users were also surprised at how well Bethany hides her boobs and took advantage of the comments to express it.

One person said, “You hide them very well. ”

Another added: “How do you hide them, I want to do this !!”

A third commented: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ really used here ‘.

People think I’m 12 with a flat chest, but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G


NINTCHDBPICT000696225969Credit: Tiktok / @ bethanylouwho2

Meanwhile I’m so sexy people accuse me of being a catfish life is tough for beautiful people.

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the-sun : People think I’m 12 with a flat chest, but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G

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