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Pennsylvania governor recalls nominee due to ‘Donald Trump’s fantasy’ about 2020 voting irregularities

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has said he will recall his Senate nomination as Commonwealth Secretary over “bad faith” actions by Republicans trying to verify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Wolf decided to withdraw the nomination of Veronica Degraffenreid following the “surrender of Senate Republicans[ing] to Donald Trump’s fantasy that the 2020 election saw irregularities that changed the outcome in Pennsylvania, ”arguing that the chamber is unable to hold impartial hearings on the candidate.

“It is clear that instead of providing advice and consent on my candidate for Commonwealth Secretary, they are instead planning to use his confirmation as an opportunity to dig deeper into conspiracy theories and work to please. to the former president [Donald Trump] by spreading lies about last year’s election, instead of working together to solve the real issues facing Pennsylvanians, ”Wolf said in a statement Monday.


The governor said that based on the Senate Republican majority’s prosecution of the former president’s fraud allegations in the 2020 election, “it is clear that Veronica Degraffenreid will not be fairly heard by this Senate on its merits “.

Republican Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jake Corman responded by saying caucus members “are under no obligation to honor this request” to recall the acting secretary’s appointment.

“The acting secretary’s threats against the counties and her refusal to participate in bipartisan election hearings will be considered by the Senate Republican caucus as we plan how to proceed with her nomination,” Corman added.

Wolf added in his statement that there had been no irregularities or fraud in the election, a statement that was supported by the Trump administration’s Justice Department. President Joe Biden won Pennsylvania over former President Donald Trump by just over 80,000 votes, though some GOP lawmakers pushed for an election review, echoing Trump’s claims about voting irregularities despite assurances from officials that the election was secure.

The Intergovernmental Operations Committee for the State Senate will meet on Wednesday at Corman’s insistence to vote on whether to subpoena the State Department for documents and testimony regarding election administration practices.

Corman slammed the department, headed by former secretary Kathy Boockvar until February, for giving conflicting and confusing advice to county officials in the run-up to the election that caused patchwork enforcement of the rules across Pennsylvania.

“We have a constitutional responsibility to provide advice and consent, not to be a buffer for the administration,” Corman said. “There wouldn’t be a need for many of these audiences if they were doing their jobs fairly and honestly.”

In July, voting machines in Fulton County, Pennsylvania were decertified after local officials complied with a Republican-backed audit and allowed a third-party contractor access to the data. Degraffenreid concluded that the voting material was “compromised”, adding that “actions were taken in a manner which was not transparent”.

The threats of subpoena to the department follow months of internal debate over how to begin an Arizona-style forensic audit in Pennsylvania, a move that was led by Arizona Senate Speaker Karen Fann in February, to ensure elections were properly run in the state’s heavily populated Maricopa County. .


The Grand Canyon State election review, which has been criticized by Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and members of the predominantly Republican Maricopa County Supervisory Board, as a partisan enterprise, could produce a draft full report this week.

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