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Pelosi says right-wing Washington rally is meant to ‘praise people who wanted to kill’ during Capitol riot

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed those planning to attend a rally outside Capitol Hill later this month, saying they were “coming back to praise people who wanted to kill” during the insurgency January 6.

According to an internal memo obtained by CNN, Capitol Police are bracing for the possibility of violence during a right-wing protest scheduled for September 18 outside Congress in Washington DC.

Officials told The Associated Press that far-right extremists should attend the rally, such as members of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

The rally has been called “Justice for J6” and aims to express support for the Capitol riot and the suspected insurgents who have been charged and convicted for participating in the siege.

The purpose of the riot was to prevent Congress from certifying the victory of President Joe Biden’s electoral college.

Interest in the event was heightened when the identity of the officer who shot Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt was revealed, according to CNN. Ms Babbitt died of her injuries after being shot while attempting to climb through a broken window to parts of the Capitol building where lawmakers were still present.

Ms Pelosi criticized those who intended to protest outside the Capitol on September 18.

“These people are coming back to congratulate the people who were there to kill, to kill members of Congress,” she told reporters on Wednesday. She added that the rioters “succeeded [caused] the death… of our security forces ”.

“We intend to preserve the integrity of the Capitol,” she said when asked about security measures around the Capitol. “What happened on January 6 was such an assault on this magnificent Capitol, a domed Capitol that Lincoln built during the Civil War.”

According to the rating obtained by CNN, there was an increase in violent rhetoric online in connection with the September 18 event. The note adds that some attendees may also view the rally as a “Justice for Ashli ​​Babbitt” event and not just an opportunity to support suspected rioters.

An online chat suggested Jewish centers and liberal churches come under attack while law enforcement is distracted by the rally.

Capitol Police have requested that temporary fences be put back in place around the Capitol. The request is likely to be approved, but the fence should be smaller and not obstruct traffic.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told CNN law enforcement should take the rally “very seriously.” In fact, they should take it more seriously than they took the same kind of intelligence they probably saw on January 5th ”.

The main organizer of the rally, Matt Braynard, told the outlet: “This is a completely peaceful protest. And we told people that when they come, we don’t want to see any messages about the elections, we don’t want to see any messages on T-shirts and flags or placards about the candidates or anything like that.

About 500 people said they would likely attend the rally.

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