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On the phone, his voice is soft and determined: “I had no intention of stopping, it is the ARS which asks me to stop treating people”. Catherine

, a general practitioner living in a village of 600 souls, does not agree to receive a vaccine against covid-19 in order to continue to have the right to treat. A decision that is not well received by a large part of the inhabitants. The general practitioner therefore wishes to remain anonymous, and even more so that the name of his village is not mentioned. “I was verbally assaulted on Monday morning. There is a war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, it’s completely stupid, ”she regrets.

The direct

I’m not preventing anyone from getting vaccinated, but I’m not for the obligation

The doubts of a doctor who vaccinates

However, Catherine took part in the vaccination operations organized in her village at the beginning of the year. In the office, she took care of filling out patient certificates while the nurse vaccinated them.

“My son was also vaccinated. When my patients ask me for immunization advice, I tell them to listen to their hearts. I tell them: “If that reassures you, it’s because it’s good for you,” “she explains. “I’m not preventing anyone from getting vaccinated, but I’m not for the obligation. My reasons are for me ”, justifies the one who slips having“ questions, no certainties ”and who was able to take a few steps aside from the government requirements for the treatment of covid-19.

Stay upright in your boots

Faced with the demands of the ARS, which sent her a letter, like the other caregivers, to tell her that she could no longer exercise for lack of having been injected with a vaccine, Catherine rebelled: “18 months ago, we went into combat without equipment, with garbage bags on the shoes, a shower cap as a charlotte and masks made by our patients. And there, the ARS asks me to stop treating because I do not want to be vaccinated. Suddenly unvaccinated doctors would become dangerous, starting September 15? », She protests, she who knows a lot of doctors and physiotherapists who will put away their gowns in the closet. “I think the authorities are bluffing it. We already have a shortage of doctors, it cannot work, ”said the general practitioner.

For her, to be vaccinated would be to deny yourself. “It’s to respect me. I have been offered to make fakes, but it is against my nature. I want to stay upright in my boots ”.

Catherine spent 30 years providing care. The adventure for her ends on September 15, with a lot of emotion: “I will not consult, but I will remain a doctor at heart. It’s the unknown for me ”.

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