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With a few generations of wireless headphones to its name, OnePlus finally has AirPods Pro – and the rest of the premium market – in its sights. In an event today that also includes the launch of its budget Nord 2, the company officially announced the OnePlus Buds Pro.

The primary function here is Adaptive Noise Cancellation, which uses a trio of built-in mics to filter out ambient sound up to 40dB. The company says the technology compares favorably with more standard active noise cancellation, which offers a defined level of filtering. The heads are powered by a pair of dynamic 11mm drivers, with support for Dolby Atmos.

In total, the battery life reaches up to 10 hours on the buttons (without noise reduction) and 38 with the housing (ditto). The case will charge wirelessly with third-party Qi pads, or the system can have 10 hours of battery life with 10 minutes plugged in.

Image credits: Oneplus

At $ 150, they’re $ 100 cheaper than AirPods, although the figure everyone is looking at here is almost certainly the $ 99 price tag. Nothing has been announced for its next Ear 1 headphones. OnePlus has however managed to beat its co-founder’s new company by a full week.

Coincidence? Be the judge.

The price puts them more directly in line with the recently announced Beats Studio Buds, as well as Google’s Pixel Buds and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro, which is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Design-wise, they most closely resemble the AirPods Pro, albeit with a metal rod sticking out from the bottom of the black or white buttons.

I was quite disappointed with the company’s first fully wireless set, the OnePlus Buds. To the company’s credit, their pricing was extremely aggressive, at $ 70, consistent with the release of the original North handset. The OnePlus Buds Pro will arrive in the United States and Canada on September 1.

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