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On the right, Gérard Larcher is at the center of the game for 2022

He is everywhere. From interviews in the written press to radio morning shows through television sets, it is impossible to miss Gérard Larcher, the president (Les Républicains, LR) of the Senate. One appearance per week on average.

Is that the voice of the Senate, “The only real counter-power to Emmanuel Macron”, explain his relatives, “Must be worn”. She must also be within her party. Several right-wing senators want at all costs to be represented at a time when the most sensitive issues are being negotiated, such as the designation of the LR candidate in the 2022 presidential election. “Bicameralism, Gérard Larcher is not satisfied to make it live on the national level, but also within LR”, enthuses the senator of Paris, Pierre Charon.

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Particularly diligent, Mr. Larcher never misses an important meeting of the movement, almost systematically providing notes, according to a witness. Weighing in when necessary on the subjects that he considers more important than others, such as the establishment of a ” sharing “ to decide between the presidential contenders.

A hyperactivity that makes it essential for some, but suspect in the eyes of others. Outside the Luxembourg Palace, as within its very walls, some are wondering: what if Gérard Larcher also had a little dream of 2022 in the back of his mind? “It surprises everyone, what is this frenzy? “, wonders a leading LR elected official.

“I am not a candidate for anything”

Mr Larcher has however assured it on multiple occasions during internal party meetings, but also in the press: “I am not a candidate for anything”, he repeated. His relatives also tell anyone who wants to hear him that the President of the Senate is far from this question. “What motivates him is the future of the party. He has an important institutional position and he uses it to try to save the right ”, we say in his immediate circle.

In his position as the third figure in the state, Mr. Larcher occupies the most important rank of the right-wing party, long accustomed to the foreground of power but relegated to the second role of the opposition since 2012.

In just a few years, the senator from Yvelines has gone from an elected official little known to the general public to a key figure in French political life. Unlike Valérie Pécresse, Xavier Bertrand, Eric Woerth or Brice Hortefeux, Mr. Larcher has never been a full-fledged minister after all. He went through the ministry delegated to labor relations, then to that, still delegated, for employment under Jacques Chirac.

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