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On the future of the ACA, Trump has not finished doing Democrats a great service


The Democrats found it hard to believe their good fortune. Faced with disappointing poll numbers and widespread anxiety within the party, Donald Trump thought it would be a good idea to start an unnecessary fight over the issue Democrats are most eager to talk about.

Over the weekend, the former president posted this message on his social media platform, telling Americans he was “seriously exploring alternatives” to “Obamacare.” The former president then complained about Republican senators who failed to “end” the Affordable Care Act in 2017, concluding: “(B)ut we should never give up!”

Democrats responded with unusual speed and ferocity, putting health care – an issue where the party dominates – back in the national spotlight, while reminding the public how dire the consequences would be if the Republican frontrunner abandoned the health care law. historical reform.

It was in this context that Trump had a brilliant new idea: he repeat the message Democrats want him to say. Shortly before midnight, the former president published a new missive on the subject:

Getting health care far better than Obamacare for the American people will be a priority of the Trump administration. It’s not a question of cost, it’s a question of HEALTH. America will have one of the best healthcare plans in the world. Right now it’s one of the worst!

About an hour later, for good measure, Trump added: “I don’t want to end Obamacare, I want to REPLACE it with MUCH BETTER HEALTH CARE.” Obamacare sucks!!!

Let’s take a moment to analyze this, because it’s important in several ways.

First, it’s a little late for the former president to say he doesn’t want to “end” the ACA: a few days earlier, he had expressed disappointment that Senate Republicans had not succeeded, in his own words, to “put an end” to the reform. law.

Second, Trump’s talk about creating one of the best health care systems in the world certainly sounds nice, even if his rhetoric is belied by the fact that he literally spent years assuring Americans that he was on the point of unveiling an incredible plan that would dramatically improve affordable care. Act. The Republican never followed through on his rhetoric, however, because he has no such plan – and he never will.

Third, despite Trump’s exclamation points, the ACA works well; it’s more affordable than ever; he’s about as popular as ever; it has withstood far too many legal challenges; and most Republicans are keen to avoid talking about it.

Finally, there is a simple political calculation: Republican officials want the public debate to focus on inflation, immigration and crime. Trump, in his infinite wisdom, is apparently ready to help shift the debate, focusing on his intention to jeopardize the health security of tens of millions of American families.

If Democrats are very lucky, he will continue to echo the message they want him to say.



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