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Olivier Marleix (LR) denounces the government’s “scribbling policy”


Faced with rising fuel prices, the government wants to authorize distributors to sell fuel at a loss. A policy denounced this Tuesday by the president of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix, guest of franceinfo.

Olivier Marleix, president of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, denounced this Tuesday “scribble politics” of the government in the face of rising fuel prices. The latter will submit to parliament in the coming weeks a text which aims to allow fuel distributors to sell at a loss for a period of six months. The member for Eure-et-Loir fears “unfair competition” between mass distribution and independent service stations.

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“We are asking for a real shield on fuel”, explained Olivier Marleix. “The government was able to do this on the price of electricity last year. It is not normal that when the price of fuel increases, taxes continue to weigh as much.”he stressed.

Olivier Marleix proposes reducing taxes on fuel

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, indicated that the government could no longer implement a rebate at the pump: “If we discount fuel prices by 20 cents for a year, it costs 12 billion euros”indicated the minister. “It’s a lie. We’re talking about taxation. The Mayor has agreed to give back to the French part of the taxes that take from them”retorted Olivier Marleix.

“We are asking the government not to be a tax profiteer. They could reduce this purely French taxation which is the TICPE (domestic consumption tax on energy products)”, he suggests. According to him, it would be “much more effective” to set up a “shield” notably “by adjusting the TICPE to the month to reduce the price of fuel”he said.