“Obvious” for the number two of LR Guillaume Peltier – RT in French

Guest of the Grand Jury, the vice-president of LR considered that the link between immigration and terrorism was obvious that everyone could observe. He also indicated that he would vote white in 2022 in the event of a duel between Macron and Le Pen.

Asked on May 30 on the link between immigration and terrorism during the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro, the vice-president of the Republicans (LR) estimated that there should not even be a debate on this question, considering that it was “obvious” that everyone could see.

“All terrorists, or most terrorists, are foreigners or French immigrants”, recalled the deputy of Loir-et-Cher, specifying that this reality also marked “the failure of our policy integration […] for forty years. “

On the measures he calls for to fight terrorism, Guillaume Peltier wishes to “systematically expel foreigners listed in the FSPRT file (file of radicalized persons, Editor’s note.) ”And create a“ Republic Security Court ”for those who are not foreigners. This Security Court would be “composed of three specialized magistrates” and “could lock up individuals in prevention after a set of proven and complete suspicions, without the possibility of appealing”.

Referring to the Constitutional Council which could oppose this measure, Guillaume Peltier proposed that in this case, a referendum be organized by assuming the creation of this “exceptional justice” to avoid going through “tribunals, courts of law”. ‘appeal and the Council of State’.

Guillaume Peltier also considered that immigration was today “no longer a chance for France”, specifying that the country had reached “a threshold” which no longer allowed the homeland to assume the assimilation of arrivals. The number two of Les Républicains supported his point by specifying that France today “no longer had the means” to welcome migrants.

Emmanuel Macron is the “worst president of the Fifth Republic”

On the current head of state, the LR official did not mince his words by declaring that Emmanuel Macron was the “worst president of the Fifth Republic”, even “worse than François Hollande”, specifying that “disillusion [était] considerable in the face of the hope formulated in 2017 ”. According to him, the president “failed on all subjects”, which is why he wants Emmanuel Macron not to obtain “a single vote” in 2022.

Asked about a possible second round between Emmanuel Macron and Marine le Pen, Guillaume Pelletier warned that he would “vote white” if such a scenario occurred. “There can be no collusion with La République en Marche,” he insisted.

The elected official also estimated that Xavier Bertrand would undoubtedly be the best placed to represent the right in the next presidential elections, considering that the president of Hauts-de-France “embodied this popular right”.

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