nytimes – WeWork CEOs: Least Engaged Employees Work From Home

If you’ve enjoyed working from home during the pandemic – no commuting, cooking lunch in your own kitchen, or being with family more often – WeWork’s CEO has a few thoughts on you.

“Those who are less engaged are very comfortable working from home,” Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of the coworking company, said Wednesday at a Wall Street Journal event. “Those who are really committed to the business want to be at the office at least two-thirds of the time.”

“People are happier when they come to work,” he added. The company is betting on people who want – or are required to – work outside of their homes once it is safe to do so on a large scale.

His comments have not been well received by many online businesses, as many businesses and employees consider the post-Covid-19 workplace after more than a year of doing their work from home.

“I wonder why the CEO of a company that rents office space would say that,” wrote a Twitter user.

Others noted that working from home has benefited parents and that working from home has improved the mental health of some workers.

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, wrote: “If the only way to keep your employees engaged is to be in the office with them, you have a leadership problem, not an employee engagement problem.”

Google said this month it would relax its remote working protocols and expect 20% of its employees to work remotely after its offices reopen. The tech giant had previously been one of the industry fenders on flexible remote working, and Insider reported that some employees had threatened to quit if they couldn’t continue working from home.

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