nytimes – As parents ban Covid injections, rebellious teens seek ways to get them

She showed herself anyway. At worst, she thought, the school would just turn her down.

Apparently, they only took note of her mother’s consent. Without saying anything, Elizabeth reached out.

Now she’s in a pickle. The school is demanding that students be vaccinated for the fall semester and she says her father has started fighting with the administration over this. Elizabeth is afraid that if he finds out how she was vaccinated, he will be furious and tell the school, which will discipline her for cheating on the vaccinators, a stain on her record as she applies to college.

Gregory D. Zimet, psychologist and professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine, pointed to the irony of a teenager legally barred from making a choice that has been strongly urged by public health officials . Developmentally, he said, teens 14 and even younger are at least as good as adults at weighing the risks of a vaccine. “Which doesn’t mean that adults are necessarily good at it,” he added.

In many states, young adolescents can make decisions about contraception and sexually transmitted infections, which are, he noted, “in many ways more complex and burdensome than getting the vaccine.”

Pediatricians say even parents who have been vaccinated themselves are suspicious of their children. Dr Jay Lee, family physician and chief medical officer of Share Our Selves, a community health network in Orange County, Calif., Said parents would rather risk their child having Covid than receive the new vaccine .

“I will validate their concerns,” said Dr Lee, “but I stress that waiting to see if your child gets sick is not a good strategy. And no, Covid is not like the flu.”

Elise Yarnell, senior clinic operations manager for the Portland, Oregon, area in Providence, a large healthcare system, recalled a 16-year-old girl who presented to a Covid vaccination clinic at her school in Yamhill County.

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