nytimes – A New Zealand fugitive wanted to surrender. So he rented a helicopter.

The owners of the cabin did not know they were harboring a fugitive. “Just because of the time of year, we normally don’t have a lot of trampers passing by,” owner Steve Joyce said by phone.

After the helicopter dropped off Mr. Bryant, it was taken to Mr. Taylor’s home in the city of Dunedin. There, said Mr Taylor, the fugitive, who clearly appreciates the finer things in life, quickly made about thirty Bluff oysters, a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne and a bit of Mr Taylor’s brandy before turning up. surrender to the authorities. .

Mr Taylor said he didn’t mind, “Having spent a little time in this prison I know the kind of shit they feed them, so I was very sympathetic shall we say to his desire to ‘have a decent last meal. . “

If Mr Bryant had not chosen to have his own helicopter and the police had been forced to go through the two-day march to extract him from the hut, the events could have ended worse, added Mr Taylor.

“They would have been very angry police officers,” he said. “To have walked all this time, they would be armed to the teeth, anything could have happened. A very volatile situation.

Speaking to reporters outside Dunedin Central Police Station on Thursday, Mr Bryant, wearing a blue surgical mask, Gucci t-shirt and Versace sunglasses, praised his stay at the ” middle of nowhere “.

“It was really good; I did a lot of yoga, ”he said.

Then he went through the sliding doors and surrendered to the authorities.

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