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Very close to a first victory in Formula 1 this Sunday in Sochi, Lando Norris (7th) assumes his risky bet not to change tires despite the rain. The young pilot is struggling to recover from this failure.

Devastated. Lando Norris remains inconsolable a few hours after the Sochi Grand Prix, won by Briton Lewis Hamilton, this Sunday. At the head of the race, he the poleman, from the 13th lap, Lando Norris took the risk, assumed, of keeping his car in the race without changing its tires in the last laps.

An error in judgment that turned out to be catastrophic, as the rain intensified on the track. “It’s the wrong one but I made a decision, just like the team, reacted the person concerned. In fact, they thought I should have stopped, and I decided to stay on track, so it was my decision. I thought that was the right thing to do. “

“Your day will come,” Mercedes promises him.

“I made a few mistakes but I always kept Lewis (Hamilton) behind and started to slip away a bit. Before he came into the pit I thought the tires were perfect and then I was told the rain was going to stay that way. If it was the same amount of water, it was the right decision to stay on track. But there was more rain than we expected. “

“Heartbroken” tweeted the decidedly inconsolable McLaren driver. Some of his peers have tried to comfort him on social media, starting with George Russell: “Hold your head up mate. Victory stretches out its arms to you ”. Even the Mercedes team of Russian Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton assured the young driver that “his day will come”. After touching his first F1 victory, Lando Norris finished 7th in the Grand Prix.


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