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Nintendo Switch 2 evidence grows with developer demo rumors

Nintendo reportedly showed off the Nintendo Switch 2 behind closed doors at Gamescom last month. Eurogamer reports that some trusted developers got their first look at the Switch 2 and some tech demos of how games run on the unannounced system.

There would have been a demo of an improved version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild designed to run on the most advanced Nintendo Switch 2 hardware. EurogamerThe report follows rumors of Windows CentralJez Corden from that Nintendo had discussed a next-gen Switch with some developers at Gamescom.

VGC also reported in July that a new Nintendo Switch was slated for release in 2024. The new console would include an LCD display instead of OLED and would continue to support cartridge slots for playing physical versions of games. Development kits for the next Nintendo Switch are reportedly already available to select developers, with Nikkei Asia recently reporting that development of the new console is “progressing well”.

However, rumors have been swirling for years about a next-gen Switch. Bloomberg first reported that Nintendo was working on a 4K version of the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Bloomberg The report claims that the global shortage of chips during the pandemic has caused Nintendo to reassess its plans to upgrade Switch hardware to 4K resolution and new Nvidia chips. At least 11 developers have reportedly received 4K dev kits for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has denied that a 4K “Switch Pro” is in development.