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Adam Smith on Nicky Booth: “Nicky’s character, his charisma, his personality, he was a real gem on the stage.” The Nottingham boxer has won the British and Commonwealth bantamweight titles during his career

Last updated: 01/14/21 12:30 pm

Nicky Booth has died at the age of 40

Former British champion Nicky Booth received tributes from the boxing world after his passing at the age of 40.

Booth and his brother Jason both won the title in the sport, with Nicky continuing to claim British and Commonwealth bantamweight belts throughout her 23-fight career.

But Nicky endured problems outside the ring, struggling with drug addiction, and would have her last fight at 23 in 2003.

Adam Smith, Boxing Development Manager at Sky Sportssaid: โ€œI really liked the Booth brothers, Jason and Nicky, I knew them well. They lit up the sport during the early days of Sky.

โ€œNicky’s character, his charisma, his personality, he was a real nugget on the stage. They both were. Jason was calmer, but they came in pairs. Unfortunately, Nicky struggled outside. from the ring, and it’s very sad.

โ€œI remember Nicky’s victory over Stephen Oates in a cracker at Harvey Hadden. He was in big fights, he was excited for a minute. They tried so hard with Nicky, to get him back to the gym, but it was a fight they couldn’t win.

“This is terrible news and my thoughts are with the family.”

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