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new robbery in a luxury jewelry store



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France 2

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France 2 – A.Romano

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In Paris, three criminals robbed the Piaget jewelry store on Tuesday August 1. The amount of their loot is estimated between 10 and 15 million euros.

The images repeat themselves in the jewelry district of Paris. Last April, the target had been BulgAriwhere the flight of the robbers had been filmed live on social media. Each time, the procedure is similar: speed of the robbery, no shots fired and a well-planned escape. The damage is estimated at several million euros of luxury watches and jewelry, yet marked by jewelers. Jacques Morel, former director of the research section of Versailles (Yvelines), explains:These are very valuable items. They probably have an order or receivers who are able to forward this merchandise.

Significant harm

He is 13 hoursTuesday August 1, when a couple entered the Piaget jewelry store. He is in a suit, she in a dress. They present well and are identified as potential customers. Once past security, the man pulls out a handgun and the woman brings in one one third accomplice. A few minutes later, the three criminals leave first on foot, then probably on a motorbike. The loot is estimated between 10 and 15 million euros. An investigation was opened for armed robbery in an organized gang.



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