New Caledonia: what consequences would a “yes” have to independence?

Overseas © Capture France 24

The show begins with an update on the Covid-19 pandemic in Overseas. In Reunion, the health situation is improving and travel should resume from June 9, with compulsory vaccination for travelers to and from overseas. The Reunionese find it difficult to navigate. In Polynesia, despite the good health figures, the curfew maintained in Tahiti and Moorea and the inhabitants are divided. This week’s dossier is devoted to New Caledonia. Political discussions resumed on May 26 in Paris between the separatists, the non-separatists and the central government with a view to the third referendum provided for in the Nouméa accord. What consequences would a victory of the “yes” to independence have? In Guadeloupe, close-up on a fishing school, with a competition between young enthusiasts to learn fishing techniques, marine fauna, but also the means to protect the environment. Finally, in Martinique, haro on the striped iguana, an invasive species that proliferates and is harmful to local fauna.


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