Neville claims ‘full support’ of Beckham and Inter Miami board despite embarrassing 5-0 loss to New England

Former Manchester United and Everton star finds it tough in MLS, but vowed not to stray from the challenge

Phil Neville claims to have the “full support” of David Beckham and the Inter Miami board of directors despite a rough start as the MLS boss continues with a 5-0 loss to New England.

The former Manchester United and Everton star has been given his first management role at the club following a spell in charge of the England women’s team.

He denied while traveling to America that close personal ties to Old Trafford teammate Beckham saw him handing over a “gift”, but that relationship is put to the test by a dismal start to the 2021 campaign that puts Inter Miami at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with just two wins in 12 games.

What was said?

The humiliating setback against New England put a strain on Neville’s shoulders, but he told reporters: “I feel their full support – I always have. They don’t need to tell me about theirs. worries because I have the same worries.

“I’ve been in football for quite a long time and I know the consequences – that’s not a problem for me. We’re doing everything in our power, we just need better performances on the pitch.

“I have a great responsibility and I am responsible for everything I do. We are on a race right now that is putting me under pressure.”

Phil Neville Inter Miami 2021

He added on a 5-0 loss which was suffered despite have Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi available: “I didn’t expect it. The players have to question themselves, and so do I. We win and we lose together.

“At the end of the day, it’s my job to make this team better, and right now they’re not. It’s on my shoulders.

“When we suffer a disappointment, we have to make sure we can recover. That’s the goal of football – to have courage, to have bravery, not to let your teammates down on the pitch. We don’t and that. is something that we ‘I haven’t done anything in the last six games. It’s something that we need to rectify as soon as possible.

“Did he have better players than us? On paper, no, but it’s a team and that’s what we need to become. That’s all I’m asking – a team that will fight for each other. others and will look in the locker room and trust each other.

“That’s what I asked them to do – look at themselves in the mirror and ask ‘what are you doing for the team?’ Nothing will deter me from trying to be successful at this football club. “

The bigger picture

Inter Miami were down 4-0 at halftime against New England, and Neville admits the performance is even lower than “unacceptable”, but remains determined to turn things around.

The 44-year-old added: “This is the lowest in terms of feelings after a loss that I have had since joining this football club – and we have had a few disappointments. You can lose games. in football, but the the way we lost tonight was… we’ve said the word unacceptable in the past – it’s worse than that.

“It’s about playing for your pride, for the badge, for your supporters – I can only apologize to them for what they saw tonight. It’s for them that I feel, more than myself or the players, because they deserve better. “

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