Murder of Clément Méric: the testimonies do not remove the uncertainties – France

This Friday, the various accounts, often blurry and degraded by the eight years separating them from the facts, do not allow all doubts to be raised about the exchange of blows which lasted only a few seconds and which caused the death of Clément. Méric, 18 years old, on June 5, 2013, in the Saint-Lazare district, in Paris. In 2018, at first instance, Esteban Morillo, who admitted having given two fatal blows, and Samuel Dufour, involved in the brawl without hitting Clément Méric, were sentenced to eleven and seven years in prison respectively.

“Who went to whom? », Asks the Advocate General, before the assizes of Essonne. “The two” rival groups, answers a witness who witnessed a brawl from a window and who evokes a “mess”: “they were all fighting” …

“They were not aggressive but they expected something”, also tries to remember another witness, speaking of the group of Clément Méric.

“It was very fast, I just saw Clément Méric take a punch and fall head first on a pole, I will remember this noise all my life, we will not forget it, a thud », Explains, moved, a woman who was less than three meters away.

The cry “one shot”

Only the beginning of the scene seems clear: the young people of two small groups of far left and far right activists look at each other and shout at each other in the apartment where the private sale is taking place.

A security guard, who met Clément Méric before the brawl, described him as “determined”, assuring that “he wanted to do battle”. The vigil then invites Meric’s comrades to come out. They sit about twenty meters from the building, against the wall of a church.

For his part, a salesman explains having advised skinheads to exit on the right to avoid any encounter. But they went to the left… “They preferred to make the opposite choice, I can’t help it,” he breathes.

At the stand on Friday, the ex-girlfriend of a skinhead acquitted at first instance, said they had gone in that direction to “show that they were not afraid, out of pride, to avoid being attacked from behind ”.

“I just remember the powerful blow and the” one shot “cry (from an aggressor, editor’s note), pronounced in a happy way,” remembers a witness who was leaving the Passage du Havre when the brawl began. “Immediately, I saw the violence and heard the sound of blows, the violence blocked me,” he added, not having been able to “identify” whether there were any weapons.

Another witness saw “at least two blows to the face, the last of which caused the fall to the horizontal, like a boxing knockout”. Thursday, he had again assured that one of the skinheads, carrying “a spider’s web tattoo”, had an American fist which “surrounded the whole hand: it was silver and red in color”.

Other witnesses did not see any weapons. The verdict is expected on June 4.

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