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Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene used a Scooby-Doo meme to argue that the Green New Deal is actually Chinese Communism as she spoke in the House.

“If the American people really knew what … these globalist and American policies are, I think they would ring all the phones here, probably demanding that Congress come home because America is only safe when Congress is out of session. , “she said.” But unfortunately Congress is in session, so let’s tell the truth about what’s going on. “

“It’s a simple meme you’ll find on the Internet,” Ms. Greene said, standing next to an image of Fred Jones of the Scooby-Doo Gang unmasking an unknown villain with “Green New Deal” written on the hood. As the cloth is removed, the hammer, sickle, and star of the Soviet flag are revealed. The emblem of the Chinese Communist Party includes the hammer and sickle but not the star.

“This meme is very real. The Green New Deal – surprise – only serves China and China, ”Ms. Greene said.

The Green New Deal is a Congressional resolution introduced by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey in February 2019. The resolution details a plan to tackle the climate crisis and urges the federal government to stop ” use fossil fuels and end greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming.

Following his example, an aide then removed the Scooby-Doo meme and replaced it with a picture of a smiling Xi Jinping, the president of China, with the words: “I own Joe Biden … and now I own the Afghanistan’s lithium deposits “.

“Speaking of the Green New Deal and the all-out war on the men and women who built this country, which certainly happens every day here in Congress, Democrats want to turn off the lights on America. They want to shut down our economy, they want to end our energy independence and abandon America, bringing us to our knees, to China, dependent on China.

Ms Greene has made a name for herself for spreading conspiracy theories and for her unwavering loyalty to former President Donald Trump.

Illinois anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger tweeted that “Congress is no longer serious with people like this” in response to Ms. Greene’s spiel.

Ms Greene tweeted on Wednesday evening that her speaking time had been cut in half and that she was coming back to complete her argument.

“The convention is so dysfunctional that my special order tonight has been changed three times today and cut from half an hour to 30 minutes,” she wrote. “These people would fail in the real world and be fired from normal jobs. So expect Part 2 of Why the Green New Deal Serves China, soon.

Twitter users were quick to poke fun at Ms Greene.

“This is a parody account right”, an account holder demand.

“Really? A bad meme? Is that what you’re bringing, no real arguments?” Another added.

“What’s sad is that she thinks it’s spiritual”, a third added. “We are laughing at you, NOT with you.”

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