MP and former Minister Marielle de Sarnez dies – RT in French

François Bayrou announced, on January 13, the death of the former minister and figure of the Modem Marielle de Sarnez. The political class paid tribute to him.

“Marielle de Sarnez has just left. Our sorrow is immense ”, announced on Twitter the president of the MoDem and High Commissioner for Planning, François Bayrou, on January 13.

Born in Paris in the 8th arrondissement, Marielle de Sarnez had spent a large part of her career there. President of the UDF Paris federation in 2006 and then of the MoDem Paris in 2008, she was elected Paris councilor in 2001 in the 14th arrondissement on an RPR-UDF union list.

This convinced European was then elected MEP in 2009.

His appointment in May 2017 in the first government of Edouard Philippe as Minister of European Affairs should have been the crowning of his career. But she will only stay for a month and four days.

The opening in June of a preliminary investigation by the prosecution in the case of the alleged fictitious jobs of the assistants of the MEPs of the centrist party led her to resign, just like François Bayrou, ephemeral Minister of Justice.

Invested in the wake of the legislative elections by LREM, she had been elected Member of Parliament for Paris (11th constituency) and had taken over the chairmanship of the prestigious Foreign Affairs Committee of the Assembly.

Tributes from the political class

On the announcement of his death, many political figures from all sides paid tribute to him.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, Prime Minister, declared on Twitter: “It is from loyalty to her commitments that Marielle de Sarnez drew her strength to modernize our democracy and defend a certain idea of ​​Europe. Its struggles will also remain ours more than ever. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. ”

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire also commented on social networks: “A woman of the head and a woman of heart, activist in European construction, Marielle de Sarnez has just left and we already miss her. To his family, François Bayrou and all his relatives, I send my most sincere condolences. “

Details to follow …

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