Mount and Chilwell hope to get green light to face Germany in Euro 2020 round of 16 game

The English duo have had a nightmarish week but still hope to make the round of 16 of the European Championship.

Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell hope to end their isolation period sooner as they aim to be available for the round of 16 of Euro 2020 against Germany on Tuesday.

The England pair were forced to train alone at St George’s Park and missed the final group game against the Czech Republic after a post-match conversation with Scotland’s Billy Gilmour, who subsequently contracted Covid- 19.

The Chelsea stars have undergone five Covid tests and are believed to be fit and ready to play, but only Mount is likely to start for Gareth Southgate if he can be released early from his quarantine.

What are their teammates saying?

Declan Rice, who is Mount’s childhood friend, explained how his colleague from the Three Lions is handling the situation: “It was really difficult for him. He had to isolate himself with Chilly. He’s in a room here. in St George’s for a few days.

“I’ve spoken to him on WhatsApp and FaceTimed a few times. It’s important for guys to check in and talk to them because they’re always there, even though they’re in their own room and not doing much, they’re still doing part of this team and ready to make a massive impact in this tournament.

“So I think for me it’s like a normal day with Mase. I chat with him every now and then. Tonight I’m probably going to talk to him again and hopefully find out if he can go out and start over. practice. “

Rice joked that he was lost without his close friend Mount.

“[I am a] lost soul! To be honest a few guys came up to me and said “you look lost” and I had a bit of a joke – “yeah I am!” It was good to be fair, I did. hope he will be absent in the next few days.

“I spoke to him yesterday, he tested negative again, I hope he can come back to the band soon.”

Who will line up for England?

Southgate is talking about moving to 3-4-3 formation in an effort to match the German system after a series of four-way games in the back.

After a strong performance against the Czechs, Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish pleaded to stay with the squad even if Mount returns.

Raheem Sterling is England’s lone scorer at Euro 2020, while Phil Foden was on rest in the last round.

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