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More illegal immigrants arrested in 2023 than in the last 10 years


More than 6,100 people from 76 different countries have been arrested illegally crossing the United States along its northeast border in the past 11 months alone – more than apprehended in the past of the past 10 years combined, US border officials said.

“Swanton area officers are resolute and determined to stay the course,” Chief Patrol Officer Robert Garcia said in a series of social media posts on Tuesday.

Garcia’s sector stretches nearly 300 miles across the Canada-US border in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

The announcement included photos of trails showing groups of migrants flying through the woods with luggage under cover of darkness.

Chief Garcia has already issued warnings of an alarming increase in illegal border crossings this year.

In February, he issued a memo calling for the “rapid” dispatch of officers to his sector from the already flooded southern border, citing an almost 850% increase in illegal crossings from the previous year since October.

Migrants sneak through the woods at the Canada-US border under cover of night

More illegal immigrants arrested in 2023 than in the last 10 years
A recent photo of migrants crossing the woods across the Canada-US border

He warned of the “tension caused by the influx” of “mainly Mexican migrants without legal papers”, according to the memo obtained by FoxNews.

“Chief Garcia is a phenomenal agent…If he asks for help, we know we have a problem up there,” former Arizona Border Patrol chief Chris Clem said after the incident. leaked note.

It’s unclear how many people have been apprehended illegally crossing other Canada-US border areas this year. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to requests for updated data from The Post at the time of publication.

Alarming numbers from Garcia’s relatively small sample of more than 5,500 miles of US border show the problem extends far beyond the southern border – where 91,000 people were apprehended in August – and contributed to the dire situation in cities across the United States.

More illegal immigrants arrested in 2023 than in the last 10 years
This year, more migrants have been caught crossing the US northeast border than in the past ten years.

More illegal immigrants arrested in 2023 than in the last 10 years
Migrants captured by surveillance cameras sneaking across the northeast border of the United States and Canada this year

Just hours before Chief Garcia released the numbers for the northeast border, New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that thousands of migrants bused in from the borders would “destroy” the city and accused the White House of giving “no support” to the northeast border. crisis.

“I’ll tell you something, New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I couldn’t see an end to. I see no end to this,” Adams said Wednesday night at an Upper West Side town hall.

About 110,000 migrants have arrived in New York since the spring of 2022.

Adams said he expects the cost of migrant housing to cost the city more than $12 billion over three years.

Earlier this year, New York tried to offer migrants free bus tickets to Canada, but many were turned away at the Canadian border or robbed across the border after they were unhappy with the opportunities available. offered to them.