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Mike Huckabee on Monday turned his hesitation over the COVID-19 vaccine into an attack on President Joe Biden.

Biden “bores us to death” with science, the former Republican governor of Arkansas, who is now a contributor on Fox News, complained about prime-time personality Sean Hannity.

Biden announced new vaccine mandates last week amid the continued spread of the highly transmissible delta variant. Reluctance to immunize is extremely high in GOP voting states.

“Here’s the problem,” said Huckabee, an apologist for Donald Trump.

“When my mother wanted me to eat spinach, she didn’t try to tell me about the virtues of vitamin E. She told me that Popeye ate spinach and that I would be strong like him,” he said. -he declares.

“Joe Biden has to tell us the benefits rather than scare us or bore us to death with a bunch of stuff where he says ‘follow the science’,” Huckabee added.

So this has nothing to do with casting doubt on the stereotypes of Republican politicians and Fox News hosts?

Huckabee’s comments were shared online by progressive media watchdog Media Matters for America, and sparked an instant flashback on Twitter.


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