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Michelle Obama remembers 9/11 attacks with daughters Malia and Sasha

“So today, I hope you take an extra moment to mourn, to reflect and above all, to remember,” Obama continued. “It’s up to all of us to make sure we honor all those memories that come back by living lives that reflect not only the trauma of that day, but also the best that was on display: our kindness and compassion, our courage and our courage. resilience. “

She concluded: “These are the values ​​that uplifted us twenty years ago. And I hope they can guide us all, not just on an anniversary like this, but every day.”

Her husband also paid a special tribute on Instagram, writing in part, “For Michelle and I, the lasting image of this day isn’t just towers falling or smoldering wreckage. It’s the firefighters coming up the stairs. as others descend. Passengers deciding to storm a cockpit, knowing that this could be their last act. Volunteers showed up at recruiters’ offices across the country in the days that followed, ready to risk their lives. “

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