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Two Canadians who have been imprisoned in China for more than 1,000 days have arrived safely in Canada.

Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, detained on espionage charges since December 2018, arrived at Calgary International Airport early Saturday morning after an overnight fuel stop in Alaska.

Images from CTV News on the runway show several passengers greeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a hug, although all in the images are wearing a mask.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office told CTV News’ Bill Fortier at the airport that the passengers are in fact the two Michaels. The spokesperson added that it is a very emotional time for both of them and that they would not answer questions.

The Michaels arrived in Canada just one day after a British Columbia court threw out the extradition case against Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in a settlement with the United States Department of Justice.

Kovrig and Spavor’s arrest has largely been seen as retaliation for Meng’s arrest.


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