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Mexico City Marathon organizers investigate allegations of cheating



Mexico City Marathon organizers are investigating reports of ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ at the August race following reports of cheating at the event.

Mexico City’s Sports Institute (INDEPORTE) said it was “proceeding to identify cases where participants…showed an unsportsmanlike attitude during the event and will invalidate their times” in a statement. statement from August 30. The race itself took place on August 27.

Following reports from Spanish outlet Marca that as many as 11,000 runners had been disqualified for cheating, INDEPORTE published another statement on August 31, expressing “regrets that some media outlets and journalists’ social media accounts are spreading misinformation about competitors with irregular schedules.”

INDEPORTE authorities estimate that there are just over 2,000 runners who did not complete the international marathon on August 27 – it is unclear whether this figure refers to those who deliberately cheated or injured runners looking for a participation medal.

Carlos Ochoa, the organizers’ communications coordinator, told CNN the figures widely reported in the media were “fake news.”

A source with knowledge of the matter told CNN that the company that reviews runner information will give a final report on Thursday to determine the total number of runners who did not complete the 42-kilometer race.

The results of this study should be published on Friday, with the precise number of runners who did not finish the competition.

The method of the alleged cheating is unclear at this point. CNN contacted the governing body of World Athletics for clarification on the investigations into potential cheating and the possible consequences, but did not immediately receive a response.

The Mexico City race has been cheated before, with organizers saying in 2018 that 3,090 competitors from that year’s race had been disqualified – but did not specify the reasons for the disqualification.

The Mexico City Marathon is one of World Athletics’ “Gold Label” races – the second highest level of prestige for such events, according to the governing body’s regulations. This label refers to the existence of world-class elite competition during the marathon.