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A glass bottle thrown back into the sea 37 years ago by Japanese high school students has been found on the island of Hawaii, about 6,000 km away.

Students at the Choshi High School Natural Science Club in eastern Chiba Prefecture pulled out the bottle in 1984 as part of a project to study ocean currents, Japanese newspaper Mainichi reported.

A total of 750 bottles were placed in the ocean near Miyakejima Island in Tokyo in 1984 and 1985.

The most recent was found in 2002 on Kikaijima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan. Then, in June, nine-year-old Abbie Graham found the bottle on a rocky beach in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Inside were contact forms in Japanese, English and Portuguese explaining that it had been broadcast off the coast of Choshi and asking the researcher to contact the school.

Abbie returned the contact forms to Choshi High School, along with a drawing of her and her sister eating sushi in early September.

Deputy director Jun Hayashi said in a briefing on September 15, “We thought the last one was found in Kikaijima. We never imagined that another would be found 37 years later.

Since 1985, bottles dropped by the school have been found in 17 locations including Okinawa, the Philippines, China and the west coast of the United States..

Mayumi Kanda, 54, a member of the natural science club in 1984, said: “I was surprised, it brought back nostalgic memories of my high school years. I thank the people involved.

Abbie also enjoyed the experience. She told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald: “I want to go and find another one.”

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