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Megyn Kelly wants ‘Jewish groups to fight back’ against Palestine protests


Megyn Kelly thinks Jewish students at Cooper Union should have fought back against pro-Palestinian protesters who allegedly knocked on the door of a campus library Wednesday.

Kelly, the SiriusXM host, said she would have liked to see Jewish students “fight back” and “confront these protesters and say, ‘You’re a real jerk.’ Bring him.”

“Where are Jewish groups fighting back? Why don’t we see Jewish groups on the streets of New York, across the country, showing their strength? Kelly said during his show’s broadcast Thursday.

The former prime-time Fox News star said that while “Jews are understandably afraid right now,” she would have liked to see a response.

“I’m scared…but we have to remember here in particular that we’re in America. We’re not meeting again,” she said, adding: “Erase these people. »

Kelly said “someone needs to stand up to them and make them understand that there is no turning back.”

Megyn Kelly has spoken out about the pro-Palestinian protests at Cooper Union, which made headlines Wednesday.
YouTube / Megyn Kelly

She said it was “shocking” to “hear stories about Jews being forced to lock themselves in the library.”

“Personally, I want to see (regrowth) on the streets,” Kelly said, adding, “I’m happy to be a part of it.”

An amateur cellphone video that went viral on social media shows a group of Jewish students inside the library as a noisy crowd of protesters chanted “Free Palestine.”

“It was tense. People were nervous,” one student said. “They were especially aggressive in areas where apparently Jewish students were sitting.”

A Cooper Union representative said the library was closed for about 20 minutes during the planned protest by pro-Palestinian students.

The video shows Jewish students inside a university library while pro-Palestinian protesters chanted and banged on doors.

Meanwhile, Jewish students chose to stay in the library until the protest ended.

The New York Police Department said there were no injuries or property damage.

Police also disputed initial allegations that students had barricaded themselves inside the library.

Students who participated in the pro-Palestinian rally released a statement claiming that the demonstration was a “planned,” “peaceful” demonstration and that some of those marching were themselves Jewish.

Pro-Palestinian protesters were seen banging on the library’s windows while students were inside.
X / @thislouis

“We planned to peacefully protest outside the building before entering and continuing our protest in front of the President’s office,” according to the statement provided to CBS News.

The protest “reached the library,” at which point students “were informed that it was closed, so we continued chanting in front of the library window.”

“Many different students from all backgrounds were in the library at the time,” the statement said.

Cooper Union is one of several college campuses across the country that have been rocked by Hamas’ attack on Israel and subsequent Israeli retaliation in Gaza.

Cooper Union is one of several college campuses across the country that have been rocked by Hamas’ attack on Israel and subsequent Israeli retaliation in Gaza.

Hamas terrorists launched a cross-border attack on the morning of October 7, which left at least 1,400 Israelis dead and thousands injured. Dozens of other people were taken hostage.

Israel responded with a campaign of aerial bombardments on Gaza that left thousands dead, according to local health authorities.



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