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Mathieu Olivier looks back on his meeting with Mike Babcock


Mathieu Olivier met Mike Babcock a few times. Nothing abnormal happened, everything went well.

However, when he heard about the experience of some of his teammates, he had no choice but to rally behind them.

“It’s clear, clear and precise that there were things that didn’t work,” the Quebec striker said in an interview with JiC, Monday. Even those who had a correct experience, we all came to the opinion that there were things that were done that were not correct.

The tough guy assures that the latest developments have not divided the locker room, quite the contrary. When Captain Boone Jenner came out publicly to defend Babcock, it must be understood that he did not yet have the whole truth in this story.

“At the time Boone made his statements, we did not have all the information,” Olivier explained. When we discussed as a team and had all the information with the Players’ Association, our speech changed. We were all on the same page. It just galvanized us as a team.”

Olivier is now delighted to be managed by Pascal Vincent, whom the Blue Jackets locker room obviously knows very well.

“The players, we are all 100% behind him. This is a guy who was liked by everyone in the room. We are very happy to have him.”

See the full interview with Mathieu Olivier in the video above.