Materials Zone raises $ 6 million for its materials discovery platform – TechCrunch

Materials Zone, a Tel Aviv-based startup that uses AI to accelerate materials research, today announced it has raised $ 6 million in seed funding led by Insight Partners, with participation from the OurCrowd crowdfunding platform.

The company’s platform consists of a number of different tools, but at the core is a database that includes data from scientific instruments, manufacturing facilities, laboratory equipment, databases. reviews, published articles, Excel sheets and more, then analyze and standardize them. . Just having this database, according to the company, is a boon to researchers, who can then view it as needed.

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“In order to develop new technologies and new physical products, companies must first understand the materials that make up these products, as well as the properties of those materials,” said Materials Zone Founder and CEO Dr Assaf Anderson . “Understanding materials science has therefore become a driving force for innovation. However, the data behind R&D and materials production has historically been poorly managed, unstructured and underutilized, often leading to redundant experiences, a limited ability to build on past experience, and an inability to collaborate effectively. , which inevitably wastes countless dollars and hours of work. . “

Materials Zone raises $ 6 million for its materials discovery platform - TechCrunch

Image credits: Materials area

Prior to founding Materials Zone, Anderson spent time at the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar Ilan University, where he headed the Combinatorial Materials lab.

Assaf Anderson, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Materials Zone

Assaf Anderson, PhD, Founder / CEO of Materials Zone. Image credits: Materials area

“As a materials scientist, I have faced R&D challenges, gaining an understanding of how R&D can be improved,” said Anderson. “We developed our platform with our years of experience in mind, leveraging innovative AI / ML technologies to create a unique solution to these problems.”

He noted that for example to develop a new transparent photovoltaic window, it would take thousands of experiments to find the right base materials and their parameters. The Materials Zone promise is to make this process faster and cheaper by aggregating and standardizing all of that data, then providing data management tools and workflows to use it. At the same time, the company’s analysis and machine learning tools can help researchers interpret this data.

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