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Marcus Rashford was recognized by the Football Writers’ Association for his accomplishments on and off the pitch, as the latest recipient of their Tribute Award, but he insists his work to improve the lives of children falls short of be finished.

The Manchester United striker rallied again to make his voice heard this week, revealing Prime Minister Boris Johnson had called him and confirmed that a “full review” was underway after Rashford shared multiple images food parcels sent to parents. Following another intervention from Rashford, the Prime Minister said he would correct the “unacceptable” free school lunch baskets delivered.

Rashford has successfully campaigned for families eligible for free school meals to have a choice of food parcels or vouchers as schools are closed under national lockdown in England.

Sunday January 17th 4:00 p.m.

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And for his incredible efforts in his work to help children in need, as well as his form on the pitch, Rashford received the annual Football Writers Tribute Award, which the 23-year-old gratefully received. , while being adamant about seeking new changes.

“We are at the start of a long journey,” Rashford told the FWA. “I’m certainly not at the relief stage yet. There is still a lot to do and a lot of other steps to take.

“On the positive side, we’ve started to take a few steps in the right direction, but it’s about sitting down and being happy with what we’ve done. It’s about the continuation in these kids’ chapter. . “

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After being recognized by the Football Writers’ Association for his accomplishments on and off the pitch, Marcus Rashford won praise from Sir Alex Ferguson, who called Rashford’s efforts “amazing”.

Former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who helped Rashford rise through the ranks at Old Trafford, was full of praise for his former youngster.

“I want to congratulate Marcus on his achievement,” Ferguson said. “Knowing him from a young age and seeing him grow through Manchester United into a truly wonderful person has been wonderful.

“What he has accomplished in the last few months is quite amazing. The way he has helped those in need is a truly incredible achievement.

“He showed young people in particular that there is a different way of managing life. He showed great humility, he showed the courage to do what he did and therefore this achievement is well deserved. and we have to recognize what he did. “

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