Manhunt in Dordogne: the suspect located in a forest, shots at the helicopter… What we know – France

  • 1. What happened?
  • The drama began in the night from Saturday to Sunday: “Around midnight, the man, ex-partner of a young woman, comes to his home in Lardin-Saint-Lazare. He exercises violence on the latter’s new friend, ”explained the gendarmerie. “The victim, who flees, is then shot at. The ex-partner wanders through the streets of the village and declares that he wants to attack the gendarmes. He shoots in their direction and seriously damages two service vehicles of the gendarmerie. According to a source familiar with the matter, “his ex-partner and his children are unharmed, recovered by the gendarmerie and placed in safety”.

    “We are in the process of identifying this person who is therefore armed”, confirmed the prefect Frédéric Périssat on France Bleu Périgord, shortly after 7 am, asking “the population to stay at home locked up, not to move”.

  • 2. What do we know about man?
  • According to a source close to the investigation, the suspect is a former soldier who was in the army from 2011 to 2016. “The man is heavily armed. He is in his thirties, he is athletic and moves quickly, ”said Francine Bourra, the mayor of Lardin-Saint-Lazare. He would be in particular in possession of a 30×30 Winchester rifle – a hunting weapon – a 22 LR rifle and a knife. The suspect “had been imprisoned for domestic violence and that is why he wore an electronic bracelet,” she said.

  • 3. Where did the man flee from?
  • “We located it in a perimeter of 4 to 5 km but it is a wooded area, difficult to access”, explains Ms. Bourra, who characterizes the man as someone “very stubborn”.

    “The gendarmerie forces are trying to fix him… contact was made on several occasions sporadically but this resulted in gunfire from the individual. Every time there was contact, he opened fire, ”the Prefect of Dordogne, Frédéric Périssat, told the press on the spot. He would have fired on members of the GIGN from his hideout, as well as on a helicopter later, at the end of the morning, indicates BFMTV. Shortly before noon, he also targeted an armored vehicle of the GIGN.

    It will certainly be a long time.

  • 4. What are the means deployed to stop it?
  • The GIGNs of Toulouse and the Paris region are in intervention on the spot, two helicopters and 210 gendarmes are engaged. Two negotiators are on site.

    “What is important is to avoid any injury, any bloodshed” and to show “a lot of restraint, precaution. It will certainly be long, ”he said. “The objective is to be able to challenge the individual while preserving his physical integrity and also that of the soldiers engaged”.

    “I follow the operations of the national gendarmerie which deploys all the means necessary to achieve this. Courage to the gendarmes, ”greeted the Ministry of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin on Twitter.

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