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Man United and Arsenal fans among the worst for committing a cardinal sin on the football pitch


The old cliché that fans of the biggest teams are over-privileged might be true, according to a new study.

Data collected on fans leaving the pitch early sheds light on supporters of the top six clubs, with Manchester United coming off the worst of all.


Everton fans certainly had their own reasons for missing out at the start of the season
And that puts them at the top of the rankings


And that puts them at the top of the rankingsCredit: Betfair & YouGOV

Even with regular trophies, the Champions League and the world’s best players on display, supporters of the Premier League giants sometimes can’t last the full 90 minutes.

Liverpool and Everton are others scattering but aren’t the worst offenders despite the latter’s backing having to witness a potential relegation battle.

There may also be a correlation with stadium size, given that European giants top the list, and research from Betfair and YouGOV suggests this is true, with ‘avoiding traffic’ being the main reason why. matches are abandoned early.

35 percent of fans cited traffic as the reason for leaving early, followed by 30 percent who based their decision on the fact that their team had been beaten.

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That’s certainly true for leaders United and Arsenal, the former inflicting a record 7-0 loss to Liverpool last season, while Gunners fans were seen flocking to the Emirates when their title challenge fell apart. with a 3-0 loss to Brighton.

However, there shouldn’t be too much shame in quitting early, as 23 per cent of fans surveyed admit to quitting a game at the start of last season.

Data has been collected from the 2022/23 season, but for 2023/24 there has already been an early favourite, with Everton fans spotted leaving the pitch at Aston Villa 40 minutes early after losing 3 -0 in a 4-0 beating. the second weekend of the season.

Things are only going to get higher this season with refereeing guidelines leading to more added time, which means that when matches are played ahead of time, fans have an even bigger window to head to the turnstiles.

Traffic is considered the most valid reason for an early departure


Traffic is considered the most valid reason for an early departureCredit: Betfair & YouGOV

Table of early leavers based on survey results:

Data via Betfair and YouGOV

  1. Man Utd
  2. Arsenal
  3. Man City
  4. Spurs
  5. chelsea
  6. Everton
  7. Celtic
    = Crystal Palace
    = Fulham
    = Western Ham
  8. AstonVilla
    = Rangers
    = Bournemouth
    = Luton
    = Nottingham Forest
    = Sheffield United
    = Wolves



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