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Man sentenced to suspended sentence for anti-Semitic threats and insults against host Valérie Benaïm – RT in French

The Nanterre court sentenced a man suffering from psychological problems to two months in prison for anti-Semitic threats and insults against the host of Touche not at my post (C8) Valérie Benaïm.

A man who had uttered death threats and anti-Semitic insults against television host Valérie Benaïm last September was sentenced on December 29 to two months in prison suspended by the court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine).

According to several witnesses Samir E., who suffers from a mental handicap, had insulted and threatened the columnist of the show Do not touch My TV in front of the studios of the C8 channel on September 22 in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), explaining in particular wanting to “do battle with the Jews”.

The Freeze Corleone controversy in the background

At the helm, the 33-year-old defendant admitted words “a little inappropriate” but denied what he had recognized during his custody: having gone there because of the comments made by the columnist on the rapper Freeze Corleone, several songs of which, accused of conveying anti-Semitic messages, are being investigated for “provocation to racial hatred”.

The defendant explained that he “did not know” Madame Benaïm and assured that it was a “misunderstanding”, recalling that he was considered “as Cotorep [Commission technique d’orientation et de reclassement professionnel, structure visant à aider à la réinsertion des personnes handicapées]”, Because of his” psychological problems “, which earned him a” daily “medical follow-up and for which he is undergoing treatment.

Regarding the accusations of threats made online against the host, he assured not to have accounts on social networks and not to “know how to write”.

According to prosecutor Estelle Colin, who had requested a four-month suspended prison sentence and denounced remarks that fall under “everyday anti-Semitism”, Samir E., who was accused of “repeated threats of crime or misdemeanor against people because of his religion ”,“ knew very well what he was doing ”.