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Man presumed dead after attempting to jump through the entrance to Devil’s Churn on the Oregon coast

A Californian is presumed dead after attempting to jump through Oregon’s traitorous Devil’s Churn, a narrow cove on the Pacific coast known for its extreme currents.

Steve Allen, 67, of Walnut Creek, Calif., Attempted to jump over the water passage around 2 p.m. Thursday, September 9, according to a statement from Oregon State Police.

The soldiers initially responded to a call that a man had fallen into the ocean and later learned that Allen had jumped.

The Devil’s Churn near Cape Perpetua in Oregon.Forest Service via YouTube

Witnesses said Allen fell into the ocean while trying to jump over the churning, and other visitors were unable to save him, police said. He was last seen by “unresponsive” rescue agencies in the water before crews lost sight of his body.

The agencies suspended their search around 6:40 p.m. Thursday evening, declaring Allen presumed dead.

Churning, about 140 miles southwest of Portland in Lincoln County, has extremely dangerous rising tides and big waves along the jagged rocks that form its narrow passage.

Allen tried to jump through the narrowest part of the creek which was about three to four feet wide, according to local news site Yachats News.

“Looks like you can jump through, but the other side is steep and slippery,” witness Andy Nelson, of Portland, Ore., Told the site, claiming Allen was with his wife at the time of. the accident.

Nelson said Allen was able to grab onto a lifeline at one point, but passers-by were unable to lift him out of the water.

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