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A Twin Cities man found his dog two days after his car with the animal inside was stolen outside a Richfield liquor store, authorities said Monday.

“Victor is back home safe and sound! the police Facebook post said, which included a photo of the black Labrador mix safely in the arms of its owner, Lucas Albers.

The car, a black 2021 Chevrolet Malibu, was stolen Friday afternoon while driving in the Richfield Liquors parking lot, 6600 Cedar Av. S., police said. It contained a big screen TV, an iPhone and Vic.

Police said on Saturday the car was found near Hamline University in St. Paul, but Vic was not inside.

The dog would have been very sympathetic and this behavior seems to have played a part in the happy ending of this story.

“A gentleman from Saint Paul was approached by Vic as he was walking home [Sunday] around 10pm in a park, ”Albers of St. Paul wrote on Facebook. “He is in good health and in a good mood. Vic was pretty thirsty and smelly when we got home, but he took a bath and is curled up in his bed sleeping. “

It is not yet known if the thief was caught.

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