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This square of Athena, the young man of 18 knows it by heart. It is here that as a teenager, he came to trace his first furrows to ride. “See, the marks on the steps, we made them while training,” Malo shows.

The Brec’hois, who lives near the station, began to familiarize himself with the board at the age of 12, with a few friends, supported by his parents, who are surfing enthusiasts. “At that time, there weren’t very many of us yet. Whereas for four years, it is very very trendy. “

“By train to the Vannes skatepark”

At home, for lack of a suitable skatepark, Malo, his brother Fanch and some friends train in front of Athena but also at the station. “Since it was redone, there are spaces where we can really do cool stuff. We are left. And we make sure not to interfere: we leave when there are cars, ”explains the champion. Because if it does not make a pride of it, Malo is known on the forecourt of Auray to have been, like his brother, champion of Brittany and qualified for the championships of France. “We went to Calais for the qualifications and then to Biarritz for the final, supported by the League which followed us well. I’m not going there to look for titles, but for the atmosphere ”.

The station, which they have made one of their favorite spot, also has the advantage of allowing them to board a train to reach the skatepark in Vannes. “There are a lot of people from here to go there, by train but also by bus or hitchhiking: there are sometimes more of us than the people of Vannes”.

At dawn in Lanester

Now an apprentice butcher in Sainte-Anne d’Auray, Malo explains that he has less time for skiing. “When I was younger, after school, we would take the board directly and do it until nightfall. My parents accompanied us a lot; at first my dad even drove us to Lanester where there was the only skatepark in the area. We went there at 6 am, to be alone! “

Mona, the only young girl registered for the Breizh’n Weels festival competition, this Saturday afternoon in Auray. (The Telegram / Stéphanie Le Bail)

Malo is called for the festival competition, while Mona, the only young girl registered this afternoon, explains that they are “few girls but it is nevertheless not difficult to find her place in the world of riders. There is great respect for everyone, advice and support ”.

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