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HALIFAX – On several major Canadian campuses Monday, morning discussions were not about classwork or homework. Instead, the students traded gossip about some of the big parties that took place over the weekend.

Thousands of post-secondary students have taken to the streets of Guelph, Ontario, London, Ontario. and Halifax on Saturday, breaking liquor laws, COVID-19 restrictions and, in some cases, property.

But some students have had more than a hangover for their efforts, as Halifax police issued tickets and arrested 10 people for public drunkenness. London police arrested one person and imposed a number of fines. Guelph revelers were limited to tickets and fines.

The college town heckling may not be new, but it looks like public patience has evaporated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Take advantage of the fines and upcoming college disciplinary hearings you rightly deserve,” Mayor of Guelph Cam Guthrie tweeted Saturday.

Halifax City Councilor Waye Mason blamed the high number of freshmen due to the number of high school graduates who postponed their post-secondary education amid the pandemic.

“You have twice as many students who have no basis in adult behavior in public,” he told CTV National News.

In a press release, Dalhousie University berated those who attended what it called an “unauthorized” and “illegal” event, urging them to get tested for COVID-19 and “not to attend classes or general activities on campus for a week “.

The Dalhousie student union fought back, insisting the incident was predictable and preventable while criticizing the school administration.

“Dalhousie currently has a dry campus policy. You are also not allowed to have visitors in residence,” Madeleine H. Stinson, president of the student union, told CTV National News. “We know the students were going to party and Dalhousie created it so they couldn’t do it on campus.”

Meanwhile, Halifax Police are investigating the events of the weekend and said it could lead to charges. Dalhousie also threatened to impose a fine or even evict the students who participated in the party.


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