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Magnitude 4.2 earthquake shakes Northern California


A magnitude 4.2 earthquake was felt Wednesday morning in California’s Sacramento County and parts of the Bay Area, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The earthquake struck south of Sacramento at 9:29 a.m., exposing the towns of Rio Vista and Isleton to “moderate” shaking. It was initially estimated at magnitude 5.7, but was downgraded.

There was light shaking in five nearby cities, including Oakley and Discovery Bay, and weak shaking in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose, the USGS said.

No damage or injuries were reported.

An emergency alert asking people to “drop, cover (and) hold on” was sent to cellphones across the region, NBC affiliate KCRA reported.

San Francisco Bay Area BART Rail Service delayed trains for 5-8 minutes to perform track inspections.

The earthquake struck at a shallow depth of 6.7 miles from the earth’s surface, according to the USGS. The intensity of shaking during an earthquake decreases as depth increases. This is why the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that struck California on Monday at a depth of 31 km had a lesser impact.

The quake struck just a day before the statewide Great California ShakeOut seismic exercise, during which 10.1 million people across the state will learn how to be safer during large quakes earthen.

According to the California Earthquake Authority, most Californians live within 30 miles of one of the more than 500 active fault lines that cross the state.

According to USGS estimates, there is a 75% chance that at least one earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or greater will strike Southern California in the next 30 years.



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