Macron says young people of African immigrant background are “a chance for France” – RT en français

Addressing young French people who “have a history with Africa through their families, through generations”, the President of the Republic explained to South Africa that “we are finally going to tell them that we will be able to build in common”.

Visiting the African continent, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech on May 29 in Pretoria, South Africa, in which he addressed the “millions of young French people” who “have a history with the Africa by their family, by generations ”.

“We will finally tell them that we will be able to build together. We’re going to stop telling them, “It’s a problem and you have to fit in.” We will finally tell them: “You are a chance for France and you will help us to develop this common history” “, he explained, according to the correspondent of the Parisian present on site.

Tribute to Mandela and request for temporary lifting of vaccine patents

The French head of state also insisted on the “partnership” and “cooperation” he wants to establish with African countries. “Africa is lucky because it is a young continent. This luck becomes a nightmare if we leave Africa alone with its problems. Africa is not asking for aid, it is asking for a legitimate investment so that it can take its share of success, ”he said.

During this visit, Emmanuel Macron also agreed to request a temporary lifting of the patents of anti-Covid vaccines to allow transfers of production technology in poor countries. A position applauded by South Africa.

The French president recalled during his press briefing in Pretoria that his objective was to put in place rapid technology transfers to install vaccine production capacities in Africa as quickly as possible, and declared that “patents should not be in no way a brake ”.

Before leaving for France, Emmanuel Macron also paid tribute on May 29 to Nelson Mandela, the first black South African president. “It is important before leaving to pay homage and to soak up what has made the history of this country and its struggles”, declared the president, saluting the “life of commitment, of sacrifices, of fights By Nelson Mandela.

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