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Love Life Season 2 finally has a premiere date

Anna kendrick is not at the center of Love lifeis the second season, but it’s still here, in the perimeter!

On Tuesday, September 14, HBO Max released the first teaser for the new season of Love life, a romantic comedy anthology series that follows a person’s unique path to love. New actor and leading role William Jackson Harper is front and center, but Kendrick’s Darby has a nice cameo. The footage just released shows Darby dancing with his friends in a wedding dress. Soon after, the hopeful romantic walks over to the bar and asks for a glass of tequila.


As she steps off the stage, Marcus Watkins (Harper) steps into the frame, implying that his romantic journey is about to begin. After footage shows Marcus kissing many Ladies, a voiceover says, “This is the Marcus Watkins story.”

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