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Love Is Blind’s Izzy Debuts New Girlfriend After Stacy Breakup


Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze: not together

Fans watched in dismay as Jackie chose to give Josh Demas, the other man she hooked up with in the pods, a second chance, meeting him before ending her engagement to Marshall.

However, during the reunion, Jackie set the record straight on the timeline of events. “I broke up with Marshall before I met Josh at the coffee shop,” she said. “It looks like I’m a cheater. I’m not a cheater.”

Jackie then addressed the end of her relationship with Marshall, saying she “can take responsibility” for his words and actions, but “I hope he does the same. We just weren’t meant to being.”

As for her romance with Josh? They still dated and lived together After the altarbut Jackie announced during an Instagram Live on September 17 that they had broken up.

Unfortunately for Marshall, who was hoping to move on with Jackie, he was unable to fully express his feelings to his former fiancée as she chose not to attend the live taping.

But in an interview with E!, Marshall revealed that he briefly reached out to another contestant. Kacia After the show. “We tried,” Marshall explained, “But I just wanted to distance myself from all of that and that experience.”

In After the altar, Marshall revealed he was dating his girlfriend Dr. Chay Barnes for a year and wants to spend his whole life with her.



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