LGBT demonstration with procession banned from “all white people” canceled – RT en français

After arousing controversy, the LGBTI center in Touraine canceled a demonstration scheduled for May 15 in which a “non-mixed” procession would have been found, from which “any white person” would have been “cordially (or not) released”.

The LGBTI center of Touraine canceled on May 12 a demonstration planned three days later aimed at denouncing homophobia and containing a “non-mixed” zone. In story published on social networks, the center had written: “Any white person who will try to become embedded in this procession will be cordially (or not) released”.

On Facebook, the opposition municipal councilor of Tours Olivier Lebreton denounced “a demonstration which will separate people according to the color of their skin” and the “discriminating drift” of the association. He also called on the environmentalist mayor Emmanuel Denis to condemn these comments.

The latter has meanwhile “renewed all [sa] confidence in the LBGTQI center of Tours ”and denounced a“ controversy instrumentalised by the far right and relayed by the local right ”, while affirming that the march would be“ open and inclusive ”.

According to Johan Yager, spokesperson for the LGBTI center in Tours quoted by France Bleu, the publication would be at the initiative of the Antiracist Collective of Tours – “partner” of the mobilization – and was “redistributed” by the center without checking its content. . “Obviously it is a sentence that we condemn, this story escaped us, completely serves us and is not in line with our ideas, ”he tempers. The LGBTI center of Touraine had however confirmed in a subsequent publication that this zone would be set up because “some racialized people do not feel comfortable in mixed processions” – specifying however “that no control does not [serait] realized”.

Finally, in a statement posted on Instagram on May 12 at the end of the morning, the center announced that it had decided to cancel the march because of “the threats and risks incurred for the association but also for all those who wished Getting There”.

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