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The rebellious France deputy Danièle Obono left the set of the Israeli channel i24News on May 20 after one of the speakers described his political formation as “an anti-Semitic party” which would be “subject to the Islamists”.

During a debate organized by the Israeli French-language 24-hour news channel i24News on the ceasefire announced by Israel and Hamas, one of the speakers on May 20 described the rebellious France as an “anti-Semitic party”. which led to the anger and the departure from the plateau of the deputy Danièle Obono.

At the end of an intervention by the Franco-Gabonese deputy, a participant in the discussion presenting himself as a “man of the left” and a “progressive” expressed himself in these terms: “I believe that you should rename, madam, your party is not rebellious France but “France submitted to the Islamists”. I think that would suit your policy better. […] You represent a party which is not anti-Zionist, but which is downright a party – I say it and I am not afraid of words, I will not mince my words tonight – an anti-Semitic party, and I will tell you why “.

Call me an anti-Semite live … I’ll let you finish the show

Danièle Obono, however, did not wait for these explanations, reacted strongly: “I will leave you sir, because I do not accept to receive this type of insults. […] I won’t let myself be insulted on this set […] Call me an anti-Semite live … I’ll let you finish the show. ” The MP left the set, while some people tried to restrain her and calm things down. The host of the show also clarified that he would have liked to question the MP on tweets she had written about the pro-Palestine demonstration on May 15.

Danièle Obono commented on the incident on Twitter: “A hateful, toxic provocateur. I just don’t have his time. I removed my body from this gloomy plateau and I keep my energy to continue the struggle for solidarity with the Palestinian people. ”

The head of digital communication for Jean-Luc Mélenchon and La France insoumise Antoine Léaument said “bravo and thank you” to his “comrade” Danièle Obono for leaving “this nauseating plateau”. “To treat us, anti-Semites and” subject to the Islamists “when we know the long history which is the one in which we are part of is a shame,” he said indignantly.

The spokesperson for the left-wing movement Génération.s Thomas Portes, for his part, considered that the remarks qualifying LFI as an anti-Semitic party were “a real shame” and called on “to stand up in these moments of tension”. “We must not let it go. Support for my insulted comrade Danièle Obono this evening, ”he declared.

The activist Rokhaya Diallo also gave “all her support” to Danièle Obono. “Documented facts on the one hand against abstract accusations in return: there was clearly no intention to debate,” she said.

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